Six reasons to choose us

KiwiSaver is more than just a savings account - it's an investment to get you set up for some of the most important things in life. Whether you're looking to move into your first home or planning your perfect retirement, a KiwiSaver provider can help you get there.

1. An in-house team

One of the largest in-house investment teams in New Zealand and solely focused on delivering our goal of helping you grow and protect your wealth.

2. A worldwide investment view

We take a global investment view so, depending on your fund, part of your investment could be in companies all around the world, or in some very smart Kiwi businesses right here at home.

3. Keeping it clean

We dig deep on our investments to make sure they don’t include stuff us Kiwi wouldn’t be into (like controversial weapons and tobacco manufacturing). It doesn’t stop there, though. Investing in global companies gives us a voice to support environmentally and ethically sound policies to actually affect social change.

4. Supporting Kiwi 

As part of the Fisher Funds whānau, a large portion of our profits goes back into the New Zealand community, through our majority shareholder, the Toi Foundation.

5. A default KiwiSaver provider since 2014

Every seven years, the Government takes a hard look at the default KiwiSaver schemes. We're proud to say that the Kiwi Wealth KiwiSaver Scheme made the cut (again) in 2021 and remains one of just six default schemes to be selected.

6. No chasing rabbits

While we’re always open to innovative investments, we take the time to make sure they stack up and are in line with our funds’ investment goals.

Fund options

6 funds to choose from

Each of our funds has a different level of risk and potential returns, we reckon we have one to suit your needs.
Default Conservative


We're proud of our performance and how our funds balance both risk and return.
This table shows how much each fund has gained or lost over time, to 30 June 2023. Every month, we report the returns after fees and before tax of each of our KiwiSaver funds.
It's important to remember that past performance is no indication of future performance.
12 months
3 years (p.a.)
5 years (p.a.)
10 years (p.a.)
Since inception (p.a.)