Six reasons to choose us

1. An expert Kiwi team

Kiwi Wealth was built on the expertise and attitude of some very smart people. Our in-house portfolio managers and their teams are experts in balancing risk and return to keep your fund heading in the right direction.

2. A worldwide investment view

We take a global investment view so, depending on your fund, part of your investment could be in companies all around the world, or in some very smart Kiwi businesses right here at home.

3. Keeping it clean

We dig deep on our investments to make sure they don’t include stuff us Kiwi wouldn’t be into (like controversial weapons and tobacco). It doesn’t stop there, though. Investing in global companies gives us a voice to support environmentally and ethically sound policies to actually affect social change.

4. Your name’s on it

We’re 100% Kiwi owned. Our profits don’t go offshore; they go to our owners the NZ Super Fund, ACC and NZ Post – organisations that benefit all of us in Aotearoa.

5. A default KiwiSaver provider since 2014

Every seven years the Government takes a hard look at its default KiwiSaver providers. We’re proud to say we’ve made the cut again and will stay as one of just six providers to be selected. Go us!

6. No chasing rabbits

While we’re always open to innovative investments, we take the time to make sure they stack up and are in line with our funds’ investment goals.

Things to think about

What’s your KiwiSaver for?

KiwiSaver is almost certainly the longest-term investment you’ll ever make so taking a short-term view of performance might not help you in the long run. KiwiSaver can help you get into your first home faster and plan for the retirement you want.

6 funds to choose from

Each of our funds has a different level of risk and potential returns, we reckon you can find one to suit your needs.
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Fund performance

We're proud of our performance and how our funds balance both risk and return.

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See below for some of the most common questions customers ask us, or check our FAQs.
Why should I look beyond performance tables when choosing KiwiSaver provider?
A table ranking is no more than a snapshot - something that happened in the past. See why you should look beyond the numbers.
What other factors do I need to consider when choosing a KiwiSaver fund?

You need to consider both risk and return. See how they should factor into your decision making.
Are my eggs all invested in one basket?
When it comes to investments, the key is to never invest in one thing. See how we're helping you invest in a global portfolio from your couch.
How do I switch to Kiwi Wealth?
We do the hard mahi for you. All you need to do is give us some details in our four-step online application form (it'll be quicker if you have your IRD number + NZ Driver Licence or Passport handy). We'll contact your existing provider directly, no difficult break-up conversations for you!

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